Welcome to my blog, it’s a work in progress.


Who I am…

Where to begin….
I confuse even myself. I’m me, no more or less. I’m not here to impress anyone. I’m overly sarcastic to the point that I don’t
even understand my own mind. I was blessed with 3 amazing children, ages (19), (13) & (4).
Brat #1 (19) is my experimental child,
born when I was only 16. We have grown
up together and whether she ever realizes it or not she is my saving grace. Brat #2 is a clone of his father, quick tempered but soft and chewy on the inside. As for Brat #3, there are no words to describe this child, which will become painfully obvious with this blog’s progression. I have been married for 4 yrs. I think we are both jaded by past loves, but are trying to break down each others walls…one things for sure- I love him with everything in me and for once, I know he feels the same way. I went through a stage where I was just trying to figure out who I was and what I
intended to do with the rest of my life….doing that thing
people refer to as “finding myself”… I found me…I looked into his eyes and past my reflection deep inside his soul, I saw true love, and I realized that I was never lost and I had never been broken, I had just lost my sense of trust. I want to live a simple life…love & be loved. I’m a total romantic but past experiences have hardened my heart a bit.

I hate haters, liars and
stupid people…actually I’m pretty cynical and really dislike
most people, but a few have managed to grow on
me…and to those few, I owe my life. I have very few
true friends as I tend to be a bit of a recluse and like I
said, am terribly cynical. I’m spastic, silly and spontaneous. I’m a total smartass and sarcasm is one
of my fave character traits. I enjoy being outdoors,
watching GOOD movies and listening to music….fave
genre is 90’s alternative. I smoke, don’t drink, like to hang out with my friends and I’m really not into the bar scene. I can’t dance, refuse to sing, hate dogs and really do not
enjoy swimming…ok maybe I do enjoy swimming I just don’t think fat girls should be allowed:). I’m afraid of the dark and hate sleeping alone. Sounds like a lot, but
trust me there’s more.


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